Investor Ready Services

A Company needs to be "investor ready" in order for it to raise equity or finance. This allows potential investors and funders to quickly review the opportunity against the criteria they use to assess their potential to invest. If your company is not investor ready it will be less likely to receive funding or equity capital.
Services offered are:

  • Investor Discovery Workshops
  • Capital Raise Management
  • Financial Structuring
  • Share Capital Structure
  • Financial Forecast and Model
  • Business Plan / Strategy Development
  • One Page Investment Summary
  • Offer Document / Information Memorandum Facilitation & Production

Capital Raising

We provide equity financing, debt financing and corporate restructuring and capital raising services to early stage growth businesses.

Clients benefit from the founders over fifteen years of experience with financing strategies and successfully securing capital. of over $140 million.

Over the past fifteen years, we have developed a proven methodology for raising debt and equity capital. We create compelling investor marketing materials, develop and relentlessly contact comprehensive target lists, and work creatively and tirelessly to initiate, negotiate and close transactions.

We provide the following capital raising services:

  • Equity Financing: We arrange equity financing for emerging and lower middle market companies by way of private equity, venture capital and strategic investment groups.
  • Debt Financing: We help emerging and lower middle market companies secure debt financing from institutional banks and business to business lenders.
  • Corporate Restructuring: We provide corporate restructuring services for underperforming companies as well as for emerging and middle market companies following a merger or acquisition.
  • Direct investment and co-investment of high net worth and institutional funds to support high growth private business opportunities
  • Section 708 raisings which are exempt from the Prospectus requirements;
  • Preparation and lodgement of ASIC Registered Prospectuses;
  • Unlisted public offers (UPO’s)
  • Secondary raisings;
  • Private placements;

Share Registry Services

Raise Worth provides registry management services for small to medium sized, private and public, unlisted and pre-IPO companies nationwide, in any industry, as well as offering a complete solution to a company’s fund raising campaign, initial public offering or off-market sale of issued share capital.

Our services are as follows:

  • Reviewing all share applications for errors and interacting with Sponsors to obtain additional information where needed;
  • Processing share applications and providing regular reports on the progress of your offer, applications and monies deposited during the offer period;
  • The establishment of a company subregister, including rebuilding and converting (where applicable) your issuer sponsored subregister to our certificated subregister (up to & including 50 members);
  • The issuance of Share Certificates or Holding Statements to shareholders with a dedicated Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) - Issuer and the preparation of ASIC Share Allotment forms for completion by you; and
  • Share register management which includes maintaining an accurate and up-to-date register of shareholders, allotting securities, recording off-market share transfers and transferring ownership of securities and supporting shareholder enquiries.


Registry Maintenance
  • Establishment Fee (up to & including 50 members)
  • Registry Maintenance Fee (for 12 months)
  • Trust Account Operation
  • Campaign Fee (inculding trust account)
  • Total
  • Miscellaneous
  • Establishment - Over 50 members
  • Share Application Processing Fee
  • Bank Fees (dishonoured cheques, telegraphic tranfser, etc.)
  • Share Certificate Replacement Fee

FEE (GST inc.)

  • $440.00
  • $440.00
  • $880.00
  • $370.00
  • $1250.00
  • $1.95 per member
  • $132.00 per application
  • Standard Bank Fees Apply
  • $55.00 per certificate