Raiseworth Overview

About Us – Raiseworth. Our team has helped hundreds of companies raise capital for themselves and their opportunities. We chose the name Raiseworth because we are passionate about raising the worth, or value, of individuals, entities and structures on their value creation journey. Besides our work with capital raising, corporate structuring and tokenisation, our passion at present is the new Australian corporate entity CCIV. The CCIV or Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle enables both domestic and especially foreign investors and funds to invest more easily in Australia.

The Raiseworth Team

Raiseworth and its legal and licensing team and have the expertise and experience to assist with the establishment and operation of CCIVs.

Our most recent CCIV clients have been in the following areas:
▪ Farming properties
▪ Startups
▪ Offshore investment in Australia
▪ Family Offices
▪ Property Investment
▪ Gold
▪ Financial Investments
Whether you are seeking a Corporate Director or the structures and documentation to assist with your legals, Raiseworth has the team to do the job.

Raiseworth Core Team

Paul Niederer – Corporate Structures & Funding Director

Paul has presented on funding and compliance to the SEC, FINRA, the British Parliament and a score of regulatory bodies Worldwide. As a result of this experience in the compliance area and the hands-on experience of being involved in over 200 capital raisings for businesses, Paul is sought after to join teams and boards focussing on funding and compliance.

Paul has experience in both accredited and unaccredited investor raises. Internationally he is known as “Mr Governance” due to the fraud-free reign he managed when CEO of ASSOB in Australia, the world’s oldest equity crowdfunding platform”. Paul Niederer – Mr Governance.

His career started as an Accountant and ended up in capital raising, collective investment schemes, and, more recently, the effect the blockchain will have on capital raising for both small and large businesses, including ICO raises and Token Sale events.

Wim DeVylder – Corporate Strategies & Financial Structuring Director

Willem (Wim) has held leadership positions as CFO and CEO in private or listed companies, including Digital Equipment Corporation Limited, Stadium Australia Management Ltd, Cranswick Premium Wines Ltd, Permo-Drive Limited and Peddle Thorp Architects.

He has strong experience with fundraising, peer to peer financing arrangements, debt funding,  government grants, licensing of intellectual property, corporate finance, governance and strategic planning. He has managed a number of corporate transactions, including JV’s in India, M&A transactions, major asset sales, debt funding and licensing agreements with third parties in the USA, China, India and Australia.

Chris Wakeford – Corporate Process & Development Director


Chris inspires people with technology, processes, personal growth and connecting with interesting people.

At Raiseworth, he moves interesting people and projects towards their new structures, processes and solutions every day. Chris’s innovative “Red Angels” digital agency provides Raiseworth clients with pathways towards their success.

Chris’s career has been heavily involved with exiting both businesses he has been an investor in and others he has been called in to assist.

Ron Kelly – Innovative Business Development Manager

Ron is our go-to man when it comes to technical and engineering challenges that clients may have.

Ron has worked with Government officials, and heads of major businesses, including Shell, BP, Caltex, Origin, Energex, multi-million dollar building companies, cattle station owners and new tech developers.

Ron has extensive global trade transactions experience and he has a strong track record as a matchmaker for international and domestic deals.

Currently, Ron is consulting with eco-friendly and new innovative companies, especially in the areas of food and energy.