Company overview

Raiseworth Capital raises worth (the value) of individuals, entities and structures in their value creation and sharing journeys. Raiseworth Capital is a corporate advisory firm serving Australian and Overseas SME’s and those interested in investing in them. Our team of professionals are experienced in funding transactions and business and investment structures. Through our extensive networks, coupled with our experience in helping clients fund, divest, acquire, merge or restructure businesses, develop value enhancing strategies, manage their share registry or raise capital we are a one-stop shop for those seeking these services.

raises worth (the value) of individuals, entities and structures in their value creation and sharing journeys.

Paul Niederer

Compliance, Chairman / Board Representation and Crowdsale / Funding Expertise

Paul Niederer is one of world’s leading authorities in equity based crowdfunding and crowdsales (token sale events), investor aggregation and trust based blockchain driven systems and the compliance processes and systems necessary to do the job properly. The following link gives a good background. Paul Niederer – Mr Governance. 

Paul has experience in both accredited and unaccredited investor raises. Internationally he is known as “Mr Governance” due to the fraud free reign he managed when CEO of ASSOB in Australia, the world’s oldest equity crowdfunding platform”.

Paul has presented on funding and compliance to the SEC, FINRA, the British Parliament and a score of regulatory bodies Worldwide. As a result of this experience in the compliance area and the hands-on experience of being involved in over 200 capital raisings for businesses Paul is sought after to join teams and boards focussing on funding and compliance.

His career started as an Accountant and ended up in capital raising, collective investment schemes and more recently the effect the blockchain will have on capital raising for both small and large businesses including ICO raises and Token Sale events.

Willem De Vylder


Willem (Wim) has held leadership positions as CFO and CEO in private or listed companies including Digital Equipment Corporation Limited, Stadium Australia Management Ltd, Cranswick Premium Wines Ltd, Permo-Drive Limited and Peddle Thorp Architects.

He has strong experience with fund raising, peer top peer financing arrangements, debt funding,  government grants, licensing of intellectual property, corporate finance, governance and strategic planning. He has managed a number of corporate transactions including JV’s in India, M&A transactions, major asset sales, debt funding and licensing agreements with third parties in USA, China, India and Australia.