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Twenty Five interesting points about a CCIV Corporate Director

The most important role, read responsible, in Australia’s new Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle is that of the CCIV Corporate Director. Here are twenty five interesting points about a CCIV Corporate Director in a CCIV: A CCIV must have a corporate director.  A CCIV may only have one director, the corporate director. There is no position […]

Australia’s New CCIV as an Investment Vehicle for Foreign Investors

The Australian Investment Environment Australia’s New CCIV, or Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle, was introduced on the 1st of July 2022. This new legal structure is more likely to encourage foreign investors than the incumbent trust-based managed investment regime that operates in Australia.  The Federal Government and Treasury hope CCIVs will increase foreign investment into Australian funds. It is also […]

The CCIV and Tax. Australia’s new Corporate Investment Vehicle and Taxation

The CCIV and Tax. Australia has a new corporate entity from the 1st of July that is more attractive to overseas investors and that foreign investors are more familiar with. Each CCIV will be an Australian registered company, limited by shares that meets the regulatory requirements of the Corporations Act 2001.  While not everything is […]

The Players, Entities and Documents in the new Australian Corporate investment Vehicle called the CCIV

An article with this title was published on Medium. This article is written by Paul Niederer who writes all the articles on this website. The Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle framework in Australia is now operational and is known by the letters CCIV. What is often more difficult to grasp are the players, entities and documents […]

CCIV The new Australian Investment Vehicle – A 5 minute video overview

A five-minute video overview on the new Australian investment vehicle – CCIV This is a 5-minute video overview of the new Australian Investment Vehicle called a CCIV. See it here on YouTube! From July 1 2022, Australia gained a new investment structure exists. CCIV stands for Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle. C = Corporate — This […]

What is a CCIV and who has similar structures globally?

What is a CCIV, and who has similar structures globally? A CCIV is a new type of company whose creation was primarily driven by Australia’s need to be more acceptable to overseas investors. The existing investment structure of trust-based entities and people didn’t match overseas investors’ way of getting things done. Being a company, it […]