A five-minute video overview on the new Australian investment vehicle – CCIV

This is a 5-minute video overview of the new Australian Investment Vehicle called a CCIV. See it here on YouTube!

From July 1 2022, Australia gained a new investment structure exists. CCIV stands for Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle.

C = Corporate — This means the entity is an ASIC-regulated entity like a company or a corporation. A company is a business structure formed specifically to perform activities, such as running an enterprise or holding assets.

C = Collective — This means that investors are gathered or collected to invest in collective assets owned by the fund, usually called a portfolio. Typically they are managed by a fund manager.

I = Investment — Means the activity that everyone is assembled for is an investment

V = Vehicle — Is the entity that is used to manage the investment and effectively house the investors and the assets they have invested in. Effectively it is an easier way to get your own Investment Company!

You can also see the video on this site here!


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