Consulting Services

The Raiseworth Team have a diverse range of projects in flow.
Tokenisation Projects
CCIV establishment
Capital Raising
Global goods movement
Compliance workflow design

Fundraising Services

The learnings following the evolution of fundraising from ASSOB being the first equity crowdfunding platform in the world, with over 300 raises, are continued in Raiseworth with our Funding Circles and Funding Magnet processes.

Asset Tokenization Service

All the pieces of the jigsaw are now available to tokenize assets compliantly. If the token is going to sold to Australoian and US investors, you have no choice but to first build a compliant legal structure and then tokenize that structure

Investment Vehicle and Asset Tokenization Services

How to tokenize an asset

Tokenising an asset spans multiple knowledge and operational areas. Many of these areas are in conflict with each other as these are pioneering days. Eventually, one-stop shops for tokenization will appear, but in the meantime, those wishing to tokenise assets need to deal with multiple parties.

These are the typical steps in asset tokenisation.

    1. Decide what you want to tokenise
    2. Get a valuation for the asset.
    3. Engage a tokenised asset  specialist like Raiseworth

Once you have engaged Raiseworth, we take the following steps with you.

    1. First, we build a compliant legal structure
    2. Then we tokenize that structure.

A Regulatory Compliant Structure

The above structure shows the flow from token ownership registered with the regulator to the same ownership registered on the blockchain. In order to achieve a regulatory-compliant outcome, an owner must be able to trace and realise their ownership from the issued token back to the physical asset.

This is achieved through what is in the box above. The Asset Tokenisation Overlay Process”.

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Raiseworth’s CEO Paul Niederer describes how to establish an investment vehicle coupled with asset tokenisation

Raiseworth CCIV Services have assisted hundreds of companies in structuring themselves to receive investment and operate compliantly.

Our main focus at the moment is assisting companies in establishing their own Investment Companies and Sub-funds in Australia to serve investors worldwide.

Our vehicle of choice to do this is the Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle or CCIV.

This diagram shows the various people, entities and documents involved in a CCIV. Please see the videos below for more clarification.

CCIVs are our structure of choice for both overseas Investment Companies wanting to set up an Investment Company in Australia.

We have written lots of articles about CCIVs. You can find them here.

CCIV Information Package

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